Why Everyone Is Doing Mobile Maintenance – And You Should Too

It’s no exaggeration – the property operations industry has shifted fast towards mobile maintenance solutions. Rare is the team that still records most of their work using pen and paper, shoving it into filing cabinets or stacking it on top of a pile (usually never to be seen again).

Performing, recording, and tracking ongoing work using mobile applications is now the standard for property ops teams everywhere. And there’s no shortage of reasons why teams have made the switch. We’ve bubbled up a few of the top ones here, along with some tips on how your team can benefit from these advantages:

Enable Ongoing Support and Training In The Field

Your maintenance staffer is out on the job, finishing up their winter grounds prep. And then — mind blank. That final step in the routine you added at the last team meeting weeks ago? Gone. Do they waste time scrambling to contact others on your team to get the information they need? Or just forgo the final step, missing something critically important?

This kind of scenario happens more often than we’d like to admit, and for all sorts of responsibilities – equipment inspections, resident request protocols, and more. Having a single point of reference for work instructions helps reduce human error, which can make all the difference in how work gets done at your properties.

The more access team members have to information they need, the better. Especially when they’re in the middle of a job, and need to recall that one last detail. Having step-by-step instructions for company processes on a mobile device reduces the risk of costly errors, ensuring things get done the right way.

That’s especially true for new protocols and new team members. No more countless back-and-forths taking up your team’s working hours. And the best part? Your all-knowing mobile maintenance solution fits conveniently in everyone’s pocket!

Fix It Whenever, Wherever – Faster

Being able to track and perform work from mobile devices helps make your team’s day as efficient as possible. Mobile maintenance apps enable service staffers to pull up assignments from wherever they are. This way, they’re able to cross off all the to-do’s on their list without having to check in with the back office for instructions. It’s a huge time saver, and lets your team focus on what counts – getting the work done.

The right mobile apps can even help your team prioritize their day. When tasks are geo-located (showing open work near your location), you can knock out work without wasting time traveling from site to site. You can also see what’s been marked as an emergency, and what can wait until later. That’s another huge time and money saver – especially when you’re plotting out travel costs and budgets for larger, disparate portfolios.

Centralize Operations For Better Oversight

One of the hidden advantages of mobile management solutions is the ability to centralize your operations. Data captured onsite (inspections, records, etc.) is automatically saved and stored in your operating platform, letting you review and evaluate ongoing work while it’s happening in real time.

This kind of visibility (or lack thereof) is one of the biggest challenges an organization faces – knowing what your people are doing (and not doing), and when. Having that knowledge is key to unlocking better, more specific scheduling, budgeting, and planning – all of which impact NOI.

Orchestrating complicated, multi-step projects with different individuals and teams is much easier when you’re coordinating work in one place. It’s even better when you can link your property management systems like Yardi to your operations platform, syncing critical data without wasted time and double entry.

The Future of Maintenance Is Mobile

…and the future’s already here. More and more aspects of property management are transitioning to mobile-first touchpoints (amenities, access – the list goes on). While many of these changes revolve around resident interactions, it’s only natural that mobile-first solutions extend to how your team gets things done. Especially when you can reap all these benefits and more, contributing to a better, more profitable bottom line.

Ready to make the shift to mobile maintenance? Inspection apps are a great way to start. Here’s our quick guide to making sure your mobile inspection solution works for your team

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