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Fewer FDNY Violations Issued


Closed Legacy Violations


Legacy DOB Violations Cleared

The Challenge

Century Management prides itself on delivering exceptional service to clients and residents at the 80 buildings they manage in New York. Across over 10,000 residential units, Century emphasizes a proactive approach that focuses on improving building performance and keeping buildings operating at a top level for clients and residents. Since 2014, Century has partnered with SiteCompli to help them avoid costly violations and fines, reduce the risk of compliance issues across their portfolio, and provide expertise on the ever-changing NYC regulatory environment.

In early 2015, Century was approached by an owner who had recently taken on a portfolio of distressed buildings, entrusting Century to bring them up to code. Century property manager Jeff Herskovitz knew SiteCompli compliance-monitoring technology, tools, and analysis would be key to getting visibility into and resolving scores of violations dating many years back – and getting this portfolio of buildings operating cleanly and efficiently.

The Partnership

Jeff tackled the compliance challenges proactively, seeking out ways to quickly clear violations, understand what presented the biggest risk, and get a handle on what equipment resided at each building. He made use of powerful SiteCompli reporting tools & analytics, built-in workflow integrations, and SiteCompli educational resources.


As a proactive step to clearing violations, Jeff planned to meet with the HPD to go over hundreds of violations and initiate a dismissal request. He knew he needed to be armed with the right data, so he ran a SiteCompli HPD Report that detailed each building’s HPD violations, the violation class (A,B or C), and a description. He also set-up the report to automatically compile and get delivered to him via email, so he could have consistent status reports as violations were resolved.

“SiteCompli gave me a holistic view of my buildings’ data that allowed me to meet with HPD inspectors with the right information at my fingertips,” says Jeff. “The technology and tools helped me eliminate the chore of manual research so I could focus on the meeting, and getting these violations resolved quickly.”

Workflow Integrations

Property managers are incredibly busy running buildings, so the technology they use needs to integrate seamlessly into their day-to-day processes.

SiteCompli helped Jeff get organized and save time with features such as:

  • Violation Resolution Integration with Cohen Hochman & Allen: SiteCompli has a built-in integration with top NYC violation resolution law firm Cohen, Hochman & Allen. The law firm gets updates via email alerts on any compliance issue associated with a hearing, and can automatically send representation for Century to avoid hefty default fines for missing hearings.
  • Compliance Calendar Sync: With SiteCompli one-click calendar sync, Jeff synced his SiteCompli calendar with his Outlook account, giving him daily visibility into items like inspection, hearing and filing due dates.
  • Continuous & Customized Email Alerts: SiteCompli email alerts arrive whenever a critical issue comes up or is resolved, and include helpful information on how to understand and close out a violation. Alerts that came as Jeff closed out violations on his portfolio showed the Century team his progress to date and allowed his staff to collaborate on issues.
  • Compliance Expertise & Education: Jeff ’s client engagement representative is always on hand to answer compliance questions such as how to recoup overpayments for Sanitation fines. SiteCompli’s regular webinars on compliance topics like Elevators & Boilers provide in-depth looks at issues and best practices.

Offline Data Access

Many of the most critical data points for keeping a portfolio compliant are kept completely offline. Uncovering this data and getting regular updates on it is a key value that SiteCompli provided Jeff and the Century team.

Jeff had the following active for his buildings:

  • FDNY Compliance: FDNY Violation Orders and Notices of Violation have compliance statuses that are buried completely offline, along with copies of the original violation. SiteCompli provides all of this alongside FDNY ECB hearings so nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Premium FDNY Permit Account Reports: Completely offline information about equipment use permits at buildings such as fire alarms, A/C/Refrigeration, Fuel Oil, and more.
  • Premium Lien Reports: Yearly updates on outstanding liens at a property that can affect the title or refinancing

The Results

Since being added to SiteCompli, Jeff ’s portfolio of buildings has:

  • Seen 1/3 fewer HPD violations issued portfolio-wide
  • Closed 52 legacy violations, some of which were serious Class C HPD violations.
  • Had 0 defaults issued for failure to appear at a hearing related to a citation

Century Management has also seen great success with SiteCompli across its entire portfolio since they joined in 2014:

  • Century cut ECB defaults in half thanks to continuous, real-time SiteCompli alerts
  • The team addressed and closed over 225 HPD complaints without violations being issued
  • Century has now cleared 40% of legacy DOB violations.


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