Better Property Operations, In Two Minutes Or Less

Check out these quick InCheck use case videos, and see how your team can improve everyday work starting now


Video – Renewing Your Certificate of Occupancy

InCheck makes this process faster & more straightforward The more steps there are to renewing your Certificate of Occupancy, the more complicated the process. Minimize complications and ramp up your renewal process by using InCheck from start to finish. Here’s how teams are making it happen:

Video – Inspections Are Better With InCheck

Video Overview Whether you’re performing routine checks or make readys, InCheck is the inspection solution your team needs for more thorough, efficient work onsite. Here’s why:

Video – Boiler Inspections

Nothing falls through the cracks for critical equipment Missed or half-baked boiler inspections can lead to expensive problems. Minimize the risk of equipment-related issues with detailed, easy-to-follow inspections from InCheck:

Video – Triggering Work From The Field

How one team is getting follow-up work done even faster Dealing with single family homes in disparate locations means you don’t have time to spare. Here’s how teams are using InCheck to trigger and track follow-up work automatically:

Video – InCheck Workflow Reports

Custom work dashboards sent to your team, automatically Whatever you’re tracking – move-ins, safety inspections, or other ongoing work – InCheck’s Workflow Report can send you high-level progress metrics, without you having to even log in.

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