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Why You Need Smart Automation For Better Property Operations

Property ops teams are starting to harness the power of smart automation for their teams – making processes automatic to drive efficiency across their portfolio. 

Efficiency isn’t just a buzzword –  

In fact, organizations lose 20-30% of revenue every year due to inefficient processes.* 

That’s not a number any property operations team can afford – especially when you’re looking to grow.  

It’s why modern organizations are using smart automation as a way to stay on target, under budget, and more easily adapt to changing priorities.  

How are they actually making it happen? They’re using Workflows.

How Workflows Help You Get More Done

Workflows are how property ops teams actually implement smart automation across their company

Streamlined Processes

Workflows take complex, multi-step processes and streamline them, ensuring things happen the right way – the way you want them to, and when you want them to – every time.

Better Tracking

They’re the key point of record for all the work your team does, both back at the office and onsite.

Ops On-The-Go

And unlike words in an operations manual, Workflows help your team actively manage their work – and so much more.

Take a look at
Workflows in action!

Find out how the latest tech trend will actually save your team – and your NOI 

What Happens When
You Implement Workflows?

Here's an example of how Workflows automatically adapt to what's in the field:

The “No response”

Instead of work steps being buried in a manual back at the office, Workflows automatically inform your team what they need to do based on what they’re seeing and recording onsite.

The “Yes response”

Smart automation adapts your Workflows for specific scenarios, making sure your team captures the detail they need – while kicking off must-do work as quickly as possible.

Highly automated companies are 6x more likely
to experience revenue growth of more than 15%

Plan More Precisely

You can better evaluate day-to-day operations at each property, which means more accurate budgets and project plans.

Adapt More Easily

Your staff can adapt more quickly to work changes and adjustments, speeding up transitions or acquisitions.

Review More Accurately

You’ll know exactly how your team is performing without wasting time.

Thinking about how your team is performing work instead of just focusing on what they’re doing can make all the difference.

3 Ways Teams Use Smart Automation To Run Better Buildings

Get the details on how to execute your property operations plans, seamlessly

Smart Automation Built
To Improve Your Operations

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