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Annual Safety Notice Mailings

The Most Advanced Mailings Platform in NYC

Get through every tenant mailings season with the least amount of hassle. SiteCompli’s premier Annual Safety Notice Mailings service makes sure your mailings are done in accordance with the law, protecting you from risk and helping your tenants stay safe. Whether it’s the latest mailings rule change (recent FDNY guide updates) or the newest requirement (Stove Knob Cover notices), SiteCompli is the first to make sure you’re covered.

Benefit From Industry-High Response Rates

SiteCompli’s innovative features give your tenants several ways to respond, ensuring no information falls through the cracks. Automatically collect, store, and access all your tenant data directly in SiteCompli for every mailings season.

Mailing confirmations and response information is integrated directly with your SiteCompli account, so you can review details at any time
Tenants can easily respond via mail, phone, fax, or online, getting your team maximum information about your residents
SiteCompli’s expert compliance team is always on hand to recommend best practices, increasing your response rates and helping you comply with the letter of the law

Save Hours With Seamless Follow-Up

Make mandatory follow-ups and repair tracking easy and hassle-free with SiteCompli’s intuitive features, designed to save your team time and make your mailing information immediately actionable.


Log responses and attempted inspections easily while onsite using the Smart Inspection Log or mobile app
Identify necessary work quickly with open Action Items, outlining required repairs, inspections, or replacements
View Action Items across your portfolio in the aggregate, making it easy to schedule staff members & budget for follow-ups
One-click letters to the DOHMH automatically include any logged reach out attempts

Make Sure You’re Covered With Stove Knob Covers

In late 2018, NYC required residential owners to provide stove knob cover notices to their tenants and (if needed or requested per the response) stove knob covers. With SiteCompli’s stove knobs service, NYC’s most trusted compliance advisors handle this new requirement, giving your team the time to actually perform required work instead of reviewing notice responses.

Log reach out attempts, mark stove knob cover requests fulfilled, and review outstanding Actions Items all in one place
Electronic responses (as provided by law) reduce overall mailing costs per unit and keep your expenses for complying at the lowest possible rate
Combined with SiteCompli’s Annual Safety Notice Mailings service, Stove Knob Cover Notices keep you in compliance and under budget

Making Mailings Simple and Easy

Must-Have Mailing Features

Technology drives the mailings process – helping you save countless hours with automation at every step, with innovative features including:

  • 4 different ways for tenants to respond (mail, phone, fax, web/online) to ensure that no tenant responses slip through the cracks
  • Easy and quick unit and mailing confirmations from your SiteCompli dashboard, making sure your mailings order is error-free
  • Access to compliance experts who can recommend best practices for your portfolio, so you can fully comply with the law

Critical Information At Your Fingertips

SiteCompli keeps all of your need-to-know building data in one place – and now your mailings appear right alongside the information you need to be proactive:

  • Your buildings’ Tenant Mailings Dashboard is integrated into your SiteCompli account, with responses, follow-ups and data available right when you log in
  • Generate real-time tenant response reports on-demand; weekly summaries are sent to your team so you can stay on track
  • Initiate automated phone calls and e-mails to non-responding tenants easily, driving higher response rates

Get Follow-Ups Done Faster

SiteCompli makes tenant follow-ups, inspections & repair work easy and hassle-free:

  • Log inspections via the SiteCompli mobile app while on-site, or all at once with our Smart Inspection Log fax system
  • Assign work (inspections, window guard installations) to building staff with our powerful Work Order system for assessing and recording follow-ups
  • Generate required letters to DOHMH in one click, ensuring compliance with NYC law

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With SiteCompli, all bases are covered, especially on something so serious.

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