[RECAP] The 2023 NYC Violations & Building Operations Guide

The 2023 NYC Violations & Building Operations Guide is back and better than ever! Significant changes have taken place in New York City’s building management sphere, and it is apparent everywhere- from the adoption of new rules to rising violation counts to the incorporation of tech into property operations. 

Whether you’re new to the compliance world or an experienced professional, this year’s guide has the resources for you to grow your compliance knowledge and strengthen your team’s best practices this year. 

Here’s a few key updates we cover: 

Periodic Inspection Updates 

2022 was a big year for elevators. Timeframes for Category 1 and 5 filings were shortened, and the process for periodic inspections changed entirely. Check out the guide to see the updates and confirm you’re on track for filings this year. 

OATH Updates 

OATH hearings, trials, conferences, and other sessions will now be held remotely unless an in-person appearance is requested and approved. To see the three ways to handle an OATH hearing, download the guide. 

Local Law 97 News 

Today’s data shows that approximately ¼ of city buildings will be over their emissions cap by 2024 if energy efficiency standards are not met. Learn more on how you can adhere to these rules and get ahead of steep non-compliance fines in the guide. 

Best Practices for Strengthening Your Compliance Team 

Digitizing your company’s processes and improving onboarding practices will improve daily operations and employee retention rates, ultimately helping you build a stronger and more knowledgeable team. Discover the latest industry best practices for strengthening your compliance team here. 

No matter what your compliance goals are, we have the tools and tips to help your team excel. Download the 2023 NYC Violations and Building Operations Guide today to discover more on these topics as well as other critical compliance news! 


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