Boiler Compliance Filings Shift to DOB NOW: Safety on August 14

This post is a short one, but a good one – boiler compliance filings for 2017 and beyond cannot be submitted via mail/in person after this Friday (July 28th). As of August 14th, boiler compliance filings (annual inspections – BO9, 13, etc.) must be submitted electronically via DOB NOW: Safety.

2016 Filings

  • You can still submit 2016 filings (corrections, late filings, etc.) in person or via mail through the end of this year. This includes any submissions made via computer disk.

What if my filing is due between July 29th and August 14th?

  • If your inspection or correction filing period ends within these two weeks, you must submit it by July 28th. If it is submitted after the filing period re-opens on August 14th, it may be marked as late (with any applicable late fees).

I haven’t submitted anything via DOB NOW: Safety. Can someone walk me through the system?

  • The DOB has set up a kiosk at their headquarters (280 Broadway) where registered DOB NOW users can get help submitting boiler compliance filings. Get more information about DOB NOW resources via their official Service Notice.

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