DOB Announces Local Law 87 Energy Efficiency Report Extension

The DOB’s latest service notice announced available extensions for 10-year Energy Efficiency Reports (as required by Local Law 87).

Owners of Covered Buildings who are not able to submit their EER by December 31st this year may file for a 6 month extension. 

You’ll need to give one of the following reasons when requesting an extension, per the DOB:

Good Faith Efforts
(1) An owner may apply for an extension of time to file an EER if, despite good faith efforts, the owner is unable to complete the required energy audit and retrocommissioning prior to the due date of the report, for reasons other than financial hardship of the building

Financial Hardship
(2) An owner may apply for annual extensions of time to file an EER based on the financial hardship of the building.

Here’s How To File:

  • Email a completed EER2 Application to
  • The Department will reply and confirm receipt, along with instructions on making the required filing payment
  • Find more information here, or contact for help

A successful request will shift your due date from December 31, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

Remember – the Covered Buildings List for Local Law 87 is different than the List for Local Law 84 (annual benchmarking) – LL 87 is required for buildings 50,000 sq. ft. and up, while LL 84 is required for buildings starting at 25,000 sq. ft. Still don’t know if you need to comply? Log into your SiteCompli account and find out.

Also, while it’s not explicitly stated, this extension only applies to owners with EERs due this calendar year – specifically, buildings with the last digit “0” for their tax block number (it coordinates with the year). It’s possible there may be similar programs for owners with future due dates, but it’s not a given.

More Resources:

  • Looking for ways to save on energy? Energy Star put together key resources – including a “treasure hunt” – to help your team find more opportunities to save energy. Click here to get started.
  • Green Building Education Services put together two webinars: one on Local Laws 33 and 97 (carbon and energy mandates) and another on Local Law 95 (letter grades). Watch & register to learn more

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