Duly Noted – The Top Notes Property Managers Are Adding To SiteCompli

Post-its just aren’t sticking anymore for property managers.

Sure, they can be fun and colorful (especially the super-bright tropical ones), but they’re also problematic. They get lost, they can be hard to read – especially depending on who’s writing them – and there’s no way to keep track of historical details or urgency.

That’s why the Notes feature is one of the most frequently used parts of SiteCompli. Notes gives your team the ability to save relevant updates and important details all in one place. Whether you’re keeping track of something that happened onsite or following up with a new agency issue, Notes are a great way to make sure your entire team is always on the same page.

To celebrate a milestone 1.6 million notes (and growing) in SiteCompli, we decided to dig in and find out exactly what kinds of things managers are denoting day after day.

Here’s what we learned:

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Notes

Without a doubt, adding pictures to SiteCompli is the most popular type of Note across nearly every account (OK, technically pictures are Files, but we’ll allow it).

This is especially true when users are documenting any kind of regulatory work – violation follow-ups, complaint inspections, or filing confirmations.

For example, one team was alerted to a work without a permit complaint in their SiteCompli account. They were able to quickly investigate before an inspector arrived, adding photos of the posted permit onsite to their account.

Notes are timestamped and tied to users, so it’s easy to reference when pictures were taken, when details were added, and who added it. This way, any questions about whether or not the proper permits were actually visible is documented and accessible to the entire team, and stored in case they need to be referenced in the future.

It’s important to have these details on hand anytime, from anywhere – especially knowing that regulations in NYC are growing every year, without any end in sight.

Noteworthy Next Steps

In addition to pictures, questions and next steps on any particular issue are popular notes to save in SiteCompli.

You can add Notes to nearly every item in your account. When something needs to be updated (a citywide Certificate of Fitness, for example), users will comment and confirm what they’re doing, so everyone knows what’s going on. We’re seeing questions like, “Do we still need this?” or “Are we covered by this?” More importantly, we’re seeing answers to those questions – answers that can be viewed by anyone on your team, even years after they’re added to SiteCompli.

Appropriately, since it’s that time of year, we’re also seeing an influx in safety notice mailing-related Notes. Details and photos about window guards, stove knobs, and mailing follow-ups are attached to each unit & response, making it easy to know what’s happening for every tenant across your portfolio.

Notes On The Go

InCheck users can take Notes to the next level using the InCheck Mobile App. Saving important details is as easy as snapping a photo or typing a few words into your mobile device, from wherever you are. You can even record notes for individual steps within an inspection – it’s all saved back to your account, and can even be seen in presentation-quality, PDF Inspection Reports.

Of course, better Notes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tracking work with InCheck – learn more about how NYC teams work better with InCheck here.

Make A Note Of It

It’s easy to add a Note in SiteCompli – just click into the item you’d like to comment on, and type directly into the Notes box. You can also attach pictures or documents by clicking on Attach Files (or even easier – just drag and drop the attachments directly into SiteCompli). As always, you can reference Notes how-to’s and many others in the SiteCompli Help Center, found in the upper right hand corner of your account.

If you’ve made it this far past all my note puns, congratulations! You’re certainly noteworthy in my book (really couldn’t help myself).

In all seriousness, we’re thrilled that SiteCompli’s Notes make it easier for your team to know what’s going on at every building, anywhere. We’re hard at work developing the next great innovations for getting more done, every day, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

What are your favorite things to note in SiteCompli? We’d love to hear from you – let us know at mktg@sitecompli.com.

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