NEW InCheck Feature: Supercharge Your Company’s Operating Manual

Meet InCheck's Standard Operating Procedures Page! Meet InCheck's Standard Operating Procedures Page!

No more rifling through pages to find out details about your team’s work processes. With InCheck’s latest feature, you’ll know the exact steps for how your team handles work across your portfolio (and exactly how often they handle it) in seconds.

Orchestrate And Assess Your Most Critical Building Processes From One Place Orchestrate And Assess Your Most Critical Building Processes From One Place

Creating a Library of Standard Operating Procedures is just the first step to ensuring your team is always adhering to the latest best practices. If you’re looking to continue ramping up efficiency across your organization, you’ll want to make sure you can regularly review and assess your SOPs. The easiest way to see and evaluate all your processes in one place is InCheck’s brand new Standard Operating Procedures page. 

InCheck’s SOP Page lets company Admins review their entire catalog of Workflows at-a-glance, quickly seeing which processes you’ve built, what properties they’re associated with, and how they’re triggered. For example, you’ll be able to see in seconds how many Workflows are on an automatic recurring schedule, and how many your team can manually trigger on-demand. This way, you can assess how many regular monthly inspections your team is performing (too many? too few?) compared to work they’re doing on the fly.

Even better, you can update these triggers, as well as the Workflows themselves, directly from the Standard Operating Procedures page. You’ll also be able to see the last “modified” date for each Workflow, so you’ll know which Workflows might be in danger of getting stale and need an update.

And if you’re missing an SOP for something critical – maybe, how to quickly respond to a heat or hot water request? No problem – create new Workflows directly from the page, without having to go into your Company Settings.

It’s the best and quickest way for you to evaluate and improve your company’s operating manual, as often as you’d like!

Ready To Take Your Company's Operations Digital? Ready To Take Your Company's Operations Digital?

Questions about how to review your company’s Standard Operating Procedures in InCheck? We’re happy to help! Reach out to

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