How To Submit Initial Observations For Parking Structures In NYC

The DOB just released a Service Notice outlining how to submit initial observations for parking structures in NYC.

As a reminder, initial observations are required for parking structures in Subcycles B and C – if you’re not sure which Subcycle your structure is in, check out our infographic on parking structures here. 

Here’s how you can comply with the initial observation requirement before it’s due this year.

When To Submit

QPSIs (Qualified Parking Structure Inspectors) can submit one-time initial observation reports in DOB NOW: Safety starting March 25, 2024. QPSIs will be able to log in and select “+ Initial Observation” from the Parking Structures dashboard.

Remember – initial observations for Subcycles B and C are due August 1, 2024.

Keep in mind:

  • Owners of structures in Subcycle B can choose to submit a full periodic inspection report before this date to meet both this requirement and the periodic inspection requirement
    • If a full periodic inspection is not submitted before 8/1/24, one will still be due in advance of the Subcycle B due date on December 31, 2025
  • Structures in Subcycle C must file both the initial observation by 8/1/24, and the full periodic inspection between 1/1/26 – 1/1/27
  • Initial observations are not due for structures in Subcycle A. These structures had full inspections due before December 31, 2023, and will again likely in 2028 – 2029

Helpful Details

  • Owners need to have an eFiling account to attest to the report once it’s uploaded. The QPSI will enter the owner’s email address, and the owner can log into DOB Now to attest via the Statements & Signatures section
  • The DOB’s Parking Structures page and FAQ page have detailed information on requirements and the overall process

Don’t Forget

Going forward, annual observations must be performed according to the checklist your QPSI provided. All observations must be recorded by your team and provided to the DOB upon request. This is in addition to filing future cyclical inspections (due once every 6 years) with the DOB.

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