Property Ownership Certification For All NYC Permits Live In DOB NOW

NEW UPDATE: The DOB announced another postponement here, noting that this will begin in DOB NOW starting in August 2021. Stay tuned for another Service Notice from the agency with more details.

UPDATE: The DOB made two announcements after the release of this information:

  1. The below requirement will begin in DOB NOW on June 30th (instead of June 1st), marking a slight delay
  2. The Department will be conducting a sweep of construction sites for safety violations, issuing violations and possible shutdowns as applicable. They will also be distributing  “Worker Alert” information at sites.

Following up previous disclosures released in DOB NOW, the new Property Ownership Certification for Local Law 160 of 2017 is now live.

Per the DOB’s Service Notice, starting June 1, 2021, all applications (except LAAs, electrical, and elevator jobs) will require this form to proceed in DOB NOW.

The form must include the name and business address of each owner of the subject property, a list of properties owned by each owner, and whether each owner “owes covered arrears to the City for each property and the amount of the covered arrears owed.”

If you own more properties than the available space on the above form, you can use the Supplemental Property Ownership Certification form.

Per our previous update on this rule, covered arrears includes unpaid fines, civil penalties, or judgments entered by a court or OATH (ECB), and unpaid and past due fees or other charges assessed by DOB. It does not include anything that is currently in the appeals process.

Unsure if this applies to any of your properties? You can review what’s currently outstanding at your buildings for much of the above using your SiteCompli or InCheck account:

And if you have questions about the above, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

Once your forms are set, you’ll be able to upload them as a single file under the Documents tab of the Plans/Work (PW1) application.

While this requirement has been forthcoming for a while, stay tuned for any summer updates now that it’s in place. And don’t forget to touch base with your vendors and consultants to ensure everyone is in the loop about this new requirement.

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