Tenant Protection Plan Notifications For NYC Residential Construction In DOB NOW

We’ve been talking about this NYC local law update for a while – in our original post here, and in an update here – and now, the most recent update from the DOB:

Per the latest Service Notice, for applications filed in DOB NOW, owners must notify the DOB (via DOB NOW: Build) at least 72 hours before starting work requiring a Tenant Protection Plan.

What kind of work requires a Tenant Protection Plan (TPP)?

In general, TPPs are required “for alterations of buildings in which any dwelling unit will be occupied during construction” – see the full text of the law here.

How do we notify the DOB?

In the DOB NOW: Build Dashboard, select +Notifications, and then Tenant Protection Plan. You’ll need an eFiling account to log in.

What if my job was originally filed in BIS (Buildings Information System)?

Per the DOB, “For jobs filed in BIS, owners should continue to notify DOB of the start of work through the Owner Notification form on DOB’s website.”

What else is required?

In addition to notifying the DOB, owners must:

  • Provide a copy of the TPP to tenants upon request
  • Distribute a notice about the TPP to each occupied dwelling unit OR post a notice regarding the TPP in the building lobby, as well on each floor
    • Within 10 ft. of the elevator, or if no elevator, within 10 ft. of the main stairwell

Here’s what the notice has to include:

  • A statement that occupants of the building may obtain a paper copy of the TPP from the Owner and may access the TPP on the Department’s website
  • The name and contact information of the Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator, or Construction Superintendent, as applicable, or, if there is no Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator or Superintendent of construction, the name and contact information of the Owner of the building or the Owner’s designee, and
  • That complaints can be made to 311 regarding the work

Check out our previous posts if you’ve never written a Tenant Protection Plan, and need to know what to include – we’ll keep you posted as summer updates from the DOB continue.

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