UPDATE: HPD’s New Gas Leak Notice (And What You’re Required to Do)

UPDATE: HPD officially adopted amendments governing procedure during suspected gas leaks and record-keeping for smoke detecting & carbon monoxide alarms. These new rules go into effect on October 18th. You can read the rule in its entirety here.

Some key highlights:

  • Owners can post a combined, single notice for required postings on suspected gas leak procedures, carbon monoxide alarms, and smoke detecting devices. Sample language for the combined posting is located on the last page of the rule (linked above). An HPD-approved sample notice for each separate requirement is listed here
  • Records for installation and maintenance of smoke detecting devices must be kept on the premises or in the business office of the managing agent or owner
  • In addition to the date of installation, you must also keep other records showing that the installed smoke detecting device meets city requirements, including the manufacturer’s suggested useful life for each device
  • Smoke detector certifications filed with HPD must be made available to HPD’s commissioner upon request – click here to view the paper form or here to submit an online filing
  • The occupant maximum for repaying owners on certain installed devices is now $50 for combined smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector devices

Specific gas leak-related rules:

  • Deliver notice “one time, along with the first lease or first lease renewal for such tenant or prospective tenant,” describing procedures to follow in the event of a suspected gas leak
  • Post said notice in a common area, readily visible, and in accordance with visual guidelines outlined in the law
  • Notices must include the emergency number for the gas service provider (as shown in the HPD-approved sample)

Failure to post this notice by the effective date may result in HPD violations – make sure you’re able to post new notices in advance of next week to prevent any related infractions.


Originally posted in August 2017

HPD recently proposed rules to clarify what should be included on notices informing residents about emergency procedures in case of a gas leak. The proposal includes details about how this information can be combined with smoke detector and carbon monoxide notices, sample notices, and outlines what records must be kept for smoke detector devices and carbon monoxide alarms.

Please note that this proposed rule has not yet been finalized – it’s possible that changes may be made as a result of the public hearing and comment period. The hearing is scheduled from 10 AM to 11 AM on August 7th in HPD’s Hearing Room (100 Gold Street, 5th Floor, Room 5-R1). You may register to speak in advance or immediately before the hearing begins. You may also submit comments to HPD via fax, e-mail, or online.

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