Building Better Boiler SOPs [Part 2]: Using Tech to Operationalize Your SOP

In Part 1 of “Building Better Boiler SOPs,” we walked through the critical nature of boiler preventive maintenance, and how many teams are thinking about these processes on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.  

But here’s the catch – if you have a written SOP, and it only exists in a static online manual or in a binder in a drawer somewhere, it’s not going to be enough to make a difference in the way your team operates. 

Let’s dive in to how teams are using technology to “operationalize” their SOPs.  

Working with thousands of property management companies, we get to see almost daily how teams are tracking this using InCheck workflowsSome background: a workflow is a standardized set of tasks that can get deployed on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) or upon another event (resident complains that their unit is too cold). A workflow can contain an inspection within it, which is key for when multiple teams or team members are responsible for various steps throughout an SOP.  

For example, the property manager may be responsible for walking through the boiler room and completing a point-by-point inspection of valves, pipes, water levels, etc. Once that inspection is logged, however, maybe someone back at the corporate office is responsible for reviewing the results and determining whether the vendor who services the boiler needs to be called to come take a look.  

Here’s a very simple workflow in InCheck that includes an inspection, and then two follow up tasks. It is scheduled to happen on the first day of every month, automatically sending those inspections and tasks to the right people associated with this property. 

 As with any SOP, if it’s not “easy to track” and “quick to complete,” it will fall by the wayside, or not get done with the right inputs. How do the property management pros implement these SOPs out to the field so the folks in each building know what to do and how to capture the right info?

Quick Logging in the Field

It’s the first of the month, and the property manager opens up their InCheck app and sees that they are assigned a Boiler Monthly Inspection. Every field for the monthly inspection is accessible via the InCheck Mobile App and it can be completed right then and there.  









Follow Up Reporting

Inspection results are tracked digitally, and in a clean report format, including any photos captured onsite. The regional manager back at the office receives the task to check out the inspection results, and can quickly take a look at reporting associated with that inspection.  

Preventive maintenance for your property’s boilers is incredibly important to the health of your asset, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Draw on the best practices outlined above, adapt them for your specific property needs, and you’ll be building better boiler SOPs in no time.  

Interested in how InCheck can help? Watch a 3-minute video of InCheck in action and schedule your own customized demo here.

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