Due Diligence – The Newest Must-Have Feature for Making Property Decisions Fast

Due Diligence Report

SiteCompli users can now take advantage of our newest feature, Due Diligence. It is a reporting tool that allows users to view critical compliance data for any prospective property in New York City. By bringing together available information that resides in disparate databases, SiteCompli aims to empower organizations to make important decisions – like whether or not to pursue a new asset, or how to develop a successful onboarding plan for new management business.

Compiling this type of report used to take weeks, even months – but now in a matter of hours, Due Diligence is putting data for all of New York City in your hands, on demand. The feature can be easily accessed at any time in your SiteCompli account dashboard.

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Adisa Reka

Adisa Reka is the Marketing Programs Specialist at SiteCompli. When she's not learning about latest marketing trends, you'll find her running loops in Central Park and exploring restaurants around NYC.