Fire Safety Awareness Month Roundup

We’ve rounded up the latest FDNY updates for National Fire Safety Awareness Month. Read below for details on local laws and insights from our experts.

Stay Informed About FDNY’s Emergency Checklist and Close Door Signs

Read the proposed rules here

Earlier this year, The FDNY had proposed more fire safety requirements for residential buildings, including an emergency checklist and Close Door notices.

These requirements were just promulgated – meaning there are some new requirements you’ll have to plan for this year. We’re working on an updated blog post for you ASAP, but in the meantime, read our post on the proposed rules.


Ask the Expert: FDNY Permit Accounts & Keeping Your Building Up to Code

Learn more about permitting, inspections & violations

FDNY Permit Accounts for hazardous and life-safety equipment and procedures are incredibly important to keeping your building up to code.

We’ve broken down the complex regulations and processes into actionable steps for your compliance team.


Fire Safety Requirements for Residential Buildings in NYC to Prevent the Spread of Fires

Get the details of these regulations here

The city council released a package of new fire prevention regulations aimed at preventing the spread of fires throughout a building (in addition to minimizing underlying fire causes).

We’ve analyzed and listed the implications and details of these local laws that will impact you and your buildings.


Get the Ultimate NYC Compliance Resource for Violations & Building Operations 

Download the 2019 NYC Violations & Building Opeations Guide

For anyone needing an introduction or refresher to NYC compliance – SiteCompli’s 2019 NYC Violations & Building Operations Guide covers recent critical regulations, industry trends, and best practices necessary to run a more efficient portfolio.

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