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The Andrews Organization leverages technology to run a more effective company. SiteCompli spoke with Divya Rashad, Andrews’ Executive Vice President and Managing Director, about using solutions like SiteCompli to fuel their future growth.

Managers Need Solutions to Waste Less Time & Spend More Time Making Tenants Happy

By compartmentalizing work (for example, creating a capital projects division), and keeping the focus on communication, The Andrews Organization has created an environment where property managers can focus on building great client and tenant relationships. In Divya’s words, “At one point, managers were doing everything in the company. Sales applications, refinance obligations, violations, compliance, board meetings….managers are now more focused on the day-to-day operations of the building.”

Technology Builds Better Property Management Teams

Using technology is the key to ensuring managers can focus on what’s important. In addition to being active SiteCompli users, the Andrews team has embraced forward-thinking technology across their organization, using time-saving tools for everything from finance to document search and storage.

Of course, regulatory compliance is no small part of that. According to Divya, “[We] understand the value of compliance, but we also see the other side – it’s expensive. It’s gotten crazy. With the help of SiteCompli, it’s been very manageable.” Older, hidden violations became easier to find and set the team on a mission to close them. “We’ve done a herculean task just getting rid of these open violations.”

The Andrews Organization was also one of the first adopters of SiteCompli’s Annual Safety Notice Mailings service, which saved time and let property managers focus on actual management work:

[SiteCompli] is just taking on so much of what we used to do, and doing it better.

– Divya Rashad

Implementing Solutions Today Leads to Bigger Growth Tomorrow

Continuing to expand the use of technology is a big part of The Andrews Organization’s future plans.

Says Divya, “the goal is to provide great support, great tools for our managers, and our departments to offer better and more effective service. To take away the mundane, day-to-day silly things that we don’t need when there’s technology out there that can help us deal with that. This way, we’ll deal with the people and the building, keep communicating and following up with our clients more, and providing a great service.”

The Andrews Organization

The result of implementing better, more management-driven technology? More successful, happier managers. And happier managers leads to better client relationships. Per Divya, “you complete tasks, you get things done, you make somebody happy – it’s their home, their money, their biggest asset, and you help take care of it. It’s a rewarding job.”

Having a thriving management team is critical to Andrews’ success. In Divya’s view, “We understand the value of the employee and their potential. Our culture is based on support – we care about what we do, and we own it.”

Solutions You Choose Become An Extension of Your Team

In the end, managing buildings is a massive team effort. “It’s not just the property manager,” says Divya, “It’s the professional team, administration department, financial, compliance, capital projects – I would want SiteCompli on my team. And you are!”


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