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Langsam Property Services

Learn how Langsam Property Services uses SiteCompli to help its clients improve their portfolios and add value to properties.

Using SiteCompli, the team at Langsam Property Services:

  • Monitors compliance with existing regulations and new laws
  • Improves distressed property portfolios, ultimately adding value to buildings
  • Saves time and money through seamless automation and an all-in-one plarform

About Langsam Property Services

Langsam Property Services is one of the most innovative and well-respected management firms in the New York real estate industry. While managing over 350 properties across more than 11,000 residential units for clients such as large institutional funds and small private owners, and through renovating neglected housing under rigorous City programs, Langsam has established itself as a leader in maintaining the highest standards for its residents.

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