Urban American

Multifamily building owner and manager Urban American tracks compliance and improves efficiency with “Best in Class Solution” SiteCompli

The Challenge

  • Manually processing compliance information for 8,000+ units of workforce housing, 80 properties, 90+ elevator devices, and 100 active work permits on file with the DOB
  • Urban American needed an efficient and accurate way to manage compliance so it can focus on a better tenant experience

The Partnership

  • Enhanced portfolio management with comprehensive compliance alerts, reports and analytics in real-time
  • Improved internal team communication with SiteCompli Notes & collaboration features, recurring reports, and customized email alerts & dashboards
  • Increased company performance and efficiency with SiteCompli Customer Support on-site training and on-demand answers to tough compliance questions

The Impact

  • With alerts and inspection tracking from SiteCompli, Urban American was able to reduce DOB violations related to facades by 50%
  • With reminders of upcoming ECB hearings, Urban American’s total number of defaults dropped by 51%
  • With SiteCompli’s continuously updated data, Urban American property managers can efficiently follow and respond to HPD complaints, reducing the number of complains turning into violations by 50%

With SiteCompli, our organization can track what compliance issues are occurring and focus on how to fix them quickly, freeing up time and resources to get the real hard work done to improve the property. In a very short amount of time, SiteCompli helped us reduce our violations and run a much more efficient and successful portfolio.

James Eisenberg,
Executive Vice President
Urban American



Reduction in DOB Facade Violations

since SiteCompli began tracking inspections


Reduction in Defaults

since partnering with SiteCompli


Reduction in Complaints Turning Into Violations

since SiteCompli has partnered with Urban American

Products & Services Used

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