The 10 Days Of Compliance Are Here – Join Us As We Close Out 2023!

One of our favorite annual traditions is putting together a big year-end review of major compliance changes, need-to-know news, and fun best practices. It’s all here in this year’s 10 Days of Compliance!

Join SiteCompli as we release a new post, video, or fun challenge every day over the next 10 weekdays – starting with your favorite annual resource, the 2024 Compliance Checklist!

We’ve got important updates plus some great giveaways for you, so stay tuned to the Blog for daily updates. And if you miss one, no worries! We’ll list all 10 days below for easy reference.

Annual End-of-Year Quiz

Test your knowledge in our annual quick-quiz about recent changes and updates in compliance. We’re even giving away Starbucks gift cards to 5 random test-takers, so don’t miss out on a chance for a sweet treat!

All answers will be announced and explained (in detail – don’t worry) on the last day of this year’s event – December 29th – so stay tuned.

Click here to take the quiz – open until midnight on Thursday, December 28th!

The 10 Days Of Compliance

Day 1 Compliance Checklist 2024 Get Your Copy Here!
Day 2 HPD Penalties Have Increased Learn More!
Day 3 Annual Compliance Quiz Test Your Knowledge!
Day 4 Parking Structure Requirement Infographic Must-Do Rule Review!
Day 5 Bedbug Report Filing Reminder Read Up & File!
Day 6 DOB Roundup (Including Local Law 154) Get The Scoop!
Day 7 HPD Inspection Of Unoccupied Units New Law, Just Passed!
Day 8 Top 5 Compliance Updates Coming In 2024 Video Recap Here!
Day 9 Local Law 97 Final Rules Are Here Read The Details!
Day 10 Answers To This Year’s Quiz Get The Answers!


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