Are you in compliance with the FDNY?

The FDNY can be one of the hardest agencies to keep up with due to their records being offline. FDNY is frequently changing fire safety regulations which means more laws for you to keep track of and comply with! That is why we have put together this mega-post for all things FDNY. Get all the information for just released changes, to the basics of the FDNY here!

What’s new with the FDNY?

  • The FDNY proposed changes to Fire Safety Guides. Want to know how this may affect your Annual Safety Notice Mailings? Check out the blog post below to learn more

FDNY Permit Accounts, Summons and Certificates- Get the details here!

  • For all the information you need to know about FDNY permits, summons, fire safety and more stay up to date and make sure your building is in compliance with the FDNY. Check out our blog posts and see what we have covered on the FDNY.

Back to Basics

  • Become knowledgeable on how to save yourself from expensive fines and violations on your buildings. Find out what they expect when they come to inspect!

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