DOB NOW Login Updates Plus OATH & DSNY Regulatory Agendas

Get the scoop on DOB NOW login updates, along with published regulatory agendas for 2025 from OATH & DSNY:

DOB NOW Login Updates

DOB’s latest service notice informed DOB NOW users of an upcoming change to their accounts. Starting June 3, 2024, all existing and new DOB NOW users are required to have a NYC.ID account.

Per the DOB:

  • Users will complete a one-time process of creating an NYC.ID account
  • An NYC.ID account is required to access DOB NOW: Build, Safety, BIS Options, and Licensing
  • DOB NOW: Inspections and eFiling account registration is not changing and will not require an NYC.ID account

DOB NOW: Safety is where most compliance filings are uploaded (elevators, facades, boilers, etc.), whereas DOB NOW: Inspections is for inspection scheduling. That said, if you manage compliance filings for your team, you’ll want to understand how this update potentially impacts your credentials.

The goal of this is to transition to a single sign-on process for NYC-related accounts and online services. If you have a DOB NOW account, you can follow the steps in the Service Notice to create a NYC.ID and ensure you can continue to log in.

We’ll keep you posted on any additional changes or support resources here.

Agency Regulatory Agendas

It’s that time of year, when city agencies publish their regulatory agendas for the next fiscal year. This can be a helpful outlook on what agencies are looking to change or add when it comes to rules that impact building owners and managers.

Two agencies recently released their 2025 agendas – here’s what stood out:

DSNY Agenda

The DSNY’s regulatory agenda for the 2025 fiscal year has a few highlights, including:

  • Rules related to the removal, storage, and disposal of encumbrances: Modification to existing rules, in an effort to simplify requirements
  • Additional rules related to Commercial Waste Zones, specifically for private carters and those who utilize private carting collection
  • Rules for commercial generators of “infrequent” or “insignificant amounts” of waste

The last potential rule is the most interesting. This would remove exemptions for commercial waste generators (less than 20 gallons of trade waste within a 7-day period) and clarify that all commercial establishments, regardless of the amount of waste generated, must arrange with private carters for removal of waste and recyclable material.

Additionally, the DSNY would continue to work with OMB, the Law Department, and the Office of Operations to perform “a review of the City’s existing rules, identifying those rules that should be repealed or modified to reduce regulatory burdens, increase equity, support small businesses, and simplify and update content to help support public understanding and compliance.”

OATH Agenda

While most of OATH’s regulatory agenda for FY 25 doesn’t center on property owners and managers directly, they do anticipate changes to the hearing process. Specifically:

OATH anticipates reviewing the procedural rules for the OATH Hearing Division and making any necessary amendments to clarify procedures and ensure that consistent language is used…This is general clean-up, removing inconsistencies and providing improved guidance as to Hearings Division procedures

There have been some pretty big changes to hearings in the wake of the pandemic: primarily phone-based hearings, new requirements for third party representatives, and more. We’ll let you know what’s coming, and how it will impact named respondents.

Of course, that doesn’t limit any new rules that may be required based on council laws, necessary updates, or other changes. We’ll make sure you’re updated on all of the above.

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